About Us

We Are Non Profit Organization

Based in Chicagoland, Atour develops and manages entrepreneurial training Centers worldwide so that today’s Assyrian Christians will not only have the means to earn a comfortable living, but will also be able to create self-sustaining ‘Ecovillages’ to preserve their cultural heritage, engage in commerce, and create jobs for local communities.

This is no small task, but with our 4,500 members administering 300 Centers, we expect to help per year 300,000 displaced Assyrian Christians who are currently living below the poverty line and transform them into producers and job creators.

Our ultimate intent is to help displaced Assyrians regain their place in society and restore their dignity so that their legacy as the indigenous people of Iraq (Mesopotamia) is honored by our children – and their children – for years to come.

  • Mission
  • Vision

Our mission is to ensure that the culture, heritage and religious beliefs of Assyrian Christians are preserved, protected, and respected and that those who are displaced from their homeland can live in comfort, peace and prosperity.

Through our programs, services and educational efforts, we envision that the Assyrians will one day be free from the relentless persecution that is still practiced worldwide and that they will be recognized for their iconic role in the ‘Cradle of Civilization.’


How we’re changing their lives

Conceived to honor, support, and preserve the cherished legacy of our Motherland – Assyria Wherever life takes us, the heartbeat of our Motherland lies within. We remain undaunted, unbroken and in solidarity despite the tyranny and genocide that have plagued our people since ancient times.
Just as a mother’s love for her children guides them throughout their lives, Assyria has been and always will be our unwavering beacon of hope.