Our Program

Our Signature Program

Atour’s signature program, the Entrepreneurship Training Centers program, consists of an intensive, Business Simulation rotation experience where participants receive 72 hours of hands-on training in how to build and run a successful company within the industries of manufacturing, e-commerce, and investment management. Our program is designed to transform today’s poor and disenfranchised populations into the innovators and job creators of tomorrow.

We are confident that participants will create lean, agile companies that best fit consumer preferences at lower costs than the multi-national firms, giving our entrepreneurs a sustainable competitive advantage and the ability to weather any stock market crash or economic recession. Our goal is to initially build 300 Centers around the world over 4 years.

What Makes Us Different?

We believe that preserving the Assyrian culture through schools and education and establishing training Centers that teach entrepreneurship and business skills will give Assyrian diaspora the foundation they need to become a vibrant and valued segment of our global society.